Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"


This was really cool and the music was the shit! I loved the animation and even though it didnt really have a point I loved the whole flow of the movie. Awesome work homeskillet!


I love noir films, although this one wasn't too great. It was still good for a first flash and I do like your other cartoons razzo.


Wasn't too keen on it

The first ever black and white flash, well done on being the first to do that.


I didn't really like it, in terms of a movie it was pretty poor and nothing really happened, a guy was walking and went into a house for no apparent real reason, sees a dead guy and a woman shoots him, there wasn't really any story to it and it just seemed a bit pointless to be honest. I didn't like the text boxes that you used they just looked really poor against the movie, you should have had the text in a bar on the bottom perhaps, also you should have used a different music track as it didn't really fit all that well with the movie.

da best after kong

da best after kong

Good Concept

You accomplished a big feat of the small group of cinematic Flashers--you kept the audience/me frothing at the mouth to know more.

Your noir style is definitely flawless. I would have preferred that the man's thinking be voiced, rather than the comic book-style dialogue box, but other than that, it was very slick and enjoyable.

It even has open interpretation! Did the woman shoot him, or shoot herself?

Dun dun dun.