Reviews for "Orbox"

The addiction... the addiction!

I think we've all seen games like this before, but this is cool! The puzzles are well done and the sound effects are nice. But you can't stop playing once you start. It's... just... awful. Hooray!

Definitely deserves some praise

God... but it's nice to see an actually well-thought-out and interactive game in the portal that isn't utter shite. ;) This was actually rather well done. I hope to see it eventually expanded and put on some of the more regular game sites out there. ;) It would deserve it.


What may have help this game was to add a better soundtrack have a good track running in the background. That would have been better. And to have had a code that you get at the end of a level so that you dont have to start from the start.


That was the most fun flash game I have played all day. Simply fun and addicting. Make more games like this. But not excatly like it.