Reviews for "Orbox"

MY HEAD!!!!!!

dammit level 11 is gay

very cool

genial, my friend. genial.


i like it when i finaly beat a game after hours upon hours the feeling of relief i get. your game gave me that feeling awsome work. i can sleep at night because i beat all the puzzles

GameBalance responds:

Damn. It's better if you get very good sleep after it.

I loved it!

I love games like that! I gave you a ten on violents because im always expecting myself to beat the shit outta the thing, cus its really challenging. I loved how you saw your trail, the scoring system was great, the levels were random! Keep it up, awsome work.

too hard,can't stop...

man this games intense,theres a nice learning curve and the random level thing adds a whole new element to the whole ordeal that makes each game unique...I like it a lot...