Reviews for "Orbox"

Pretty, but...

..none of the commands worked. So I saw a nicely-done intro and got to stare at a screen while not having instructions or being able to do anything.

Too easy.

It's a good plan and everything, but I went pretty far into the game, but out of the levels that I completed, I discovered a pattern.

When playing the game, you don't have very many options. It's either go to a different block or fall off the edge and start over...Maybe some false paths would be better?


What may have help this game was to add a better soundtrack have a good track running in the background. That would have been better. And to have had a code that you get at the end of a level so that you dont have to start from the start.

i dont know where..

but ive seen a veeerrrryy similare game to this one on newgrounds...