Reviews for "Orbox"

Excellent game, but...

...needs a password system. Other than that, great job.

Nice! A classic game with an awesome twist! 5/5

This was awesome! I love these types of games, and this added a ton of really neat elements to it, like the ramps and such. Great job, this was a lot of fun!

GameBalance responds:


I loved it!

The only thing I didnt like is there was one level you cant pass. :( Maybe you could fix it?

Brain storm

Dude, that's one of the most brain storming game I have ever played. The graphics are awesome and the sound is also very cool. More importantly, I love games like this one that I have to use my brain a lot. However, the only thing that I am not happy about is that I cannot save the game so that I have to restart once I close the window. I hope that the next version of the game will be able to save. By the way, how many levels are there?

GameBalance responds:

Ok. Maybe I'll make save game.

great game

i made it to level 10 then i gave up. All in all it was an awesome strategy game. Bravo