Reviews for "Orbox"


A good game but yea it is sorta a rip off of roadblocks but oh well, it's a good game, I just can't get past level 17.

GameBalance responds:

Don't tell me it's like roadblocks. There is other games with same conception. But it was my own idea in 1997.

nice game.. i like i like alot ..but

I think the score should go down because of traveling more not up.... coz the more u travel the worse u do... the shorter u get to the target the better no? just a suggestion
but nice work

not too easy

it gets harder if you play farther. i got stuck on lv. 15, how far did you go? the fake paths start at about lv. 10.

i really enjoyed this game.

A nicely made game except for a couple of mistakes

I don't know if it was built to be like this but on Level 15... I think... theres a triangle that makes it impossible to win... you know... there are two of them facing each others... well... where ever the box collides with it, it does the same thing, blocking me near the start...

Thats one mistake... unless it was ment to be like this....

GameBalance responds:

I write it in my author comments. Make full screen or low quality.


Very much like the Zelda and other RPG puzzles. Very fun and addicting. Great job.