Reviews for "Orbox"

Straight from Zelda...

Reminds me entirely of Link scurrying across ice by bumping blocks in the correct order...

Definately needs some nicer audio, especially background music. Visuals are ok, not exactly snazzy however. It's pretty good, you get a 4.

Hmmm a remedy for bordom...

The graphics are good for its type of game, the sound while appropriate could have been better... but it is a fun game and when you get to higher levels you have to use brain power so I think these needs to stick around.

The greatest flash mind tease in the history of NG

Damn thats challenging. I'm on 11885 points AND STILL PLAYING!
i think i'm around level 11/12. Geezzus. CHALLENGING!!!!!!!!!
The exact conconction that every good mind tease needs.
A damn great classic, thats just sooo.......captivating.

GOD the was addicting...

Ahh hours of playing only to give up with 6500 points. That level around that point range is impoosible. It was the level with the blocks, you that one with the blocks. I can't believe I gave up, that was impossible, it was impossible wasn't it. Anyways, nice game. I was having vision about solving em'. That intellectually refreshing. thank you. Some light techno might help though. keep the brain movin'


Reminds me of the game 'blocks' for my TI-86 and TI-89 calculator I used to play all the time. Good graphics, and interactivity, plus there are some decent levels in there. Good job, and it matches quite well with mind thought, and seeing several moves ahead.