Reviews for "Orbox"

You basically copied Road Blocks...

This is pretty much the same thing, just with slightly better graphics. Be more original.

Search Road Blocks and click the first one. I would put up a link but they aren't allowed :(


That was awsome!
You just need a small instructions window, and it'll be absolutely perfect.

GameBalance responds:

For what? People that need instructions window can't play it anyway..

ohhh that is awesome

i like that puzzle, it's very addictive. i didn't know how to play at first 'cuz i kept losing. but i got it now. it's just blew my mind. it's very good. i KNOW for sure that this will be first page.

GameBalance responds:

How did you gues?

Very good and challenging

This is a very good puzzle game although its very difficult.
I read that some people had problems with level 20. I beat it by pressing 0 untill the blocks arranged themselves so I could clear the level. But the levels after 20 is just too much, I didnt get past level 24, too hard.

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! You allmost done it!


So addictive and clever, and yet so simple. An excellent game.