Reviews for "Orbox"

"Roadblocks" anyone?

That's a fun game, and challenging. Unfortunately, the gameplay is identical to "Roadblocks" (portal submission 192217). Come on, come up with something original.

This is doing well, and will probably continue to do well, because most of the people voting on it don't remember the original game that this is ...I hesitate to say "ripped off" of because there are differences you've added. However, it's clearly influenced by or based off of Roadblocks.

Roadblocks was hard enough I had to actually look for a walkthrough (which was posted in the reviews) to get past a couple of levels.

If you've never played Roadblocks, my apologies - but if you have, then shame on you for not crediting where credit is due.

Nice game

I really enjoyed this game, like what some others have said..maybe add some cool music in the background for people to blame when they get stuck. I made it to 13 my first try...then I got stuck as well :( Great gane though. A lot better then some of the crap people put out here for out ummm....viewing pleasure? Good job.


very cool and creative, keep it up!

A good puzzle game

I love the premise behind this game. It's a very well laid out game in terms of design and sound. I look forward to more great games from you.

Keep up the good work!

Too easy.

It's a good plan and everything, but I went pretty far into the game, but out of the levels that I completed, I discovered a pattern.

When playing the game, you don't have very many options. It's either go to a different block or fall off the edge and start over...Maybe some false paths would be better?