Reviews for "~ Midnight-Rave ~"

Midnight Rave


Catstuffer responds:

sonkei? Can I get a translation?

lol, thanks for the review!


fukin owsem

Catstuffer responds:

umm... thank you?


This definitely deserves a 10, I like how you sped it up and added some unusual beats :D I will listen to your other songs! I look forward to more from you ^^ All I can say is I am downloading this and wish you luck in making more songs...

Catstuffer responds:

thaaanks! I'm working on some more soft, almost classical techno peices at the moment...

Thanks for ur review! / download!


really awesome..

I think the beat is a tad unoriginal.. If you can follow me? I really think I have heard the same notes in many techno songs.. Especially in the beginning..

aaargh okay.. at 1:39 it gets really cool I must admit..

All in all you did a really good job ! I like it a lot.. I think I'm gonna download it :P

5/5 - 8/10
- Racmus

Catstuffer responds:

thanks, thanks for spending the time to listen to the whole thing, and not just the first 10 seconds before making ur final judgement!!


Nice techno song, totaly worth 10/10

Catstuffer responds:

thanks, glad u think so!

thanks for reviewing!