Reviews for "~ Midnight-Rave ~"

Awesome Mix

You just made me do the robot and the worm. Awesome mix, great for parties. The beginning sounded like it was a little unsure because it went slow to fast, but kind of paused half way through. After it went all the way to a fast beat song I just couldn;t stop dancing.

Good job, two thumbs up.

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks! Yea, I think the intro might cause a few people to just move on to another song, but If you just give it 15 seconds or so it gets goin!

Thanks for reviewing!! :D


You sir are a great artist! :D This song just makes me want to get up and dance around! Hahah. One thing i was wondering is how you did that slow to fast intro? Just that made me give the song a 5/5 and a 10/10! Great job mate, Keep up the good work!

Catstuffer responds:

Well, I created an "Envolope" and used a graph to plot BMP over Time. Was quite simple to create.

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it!

great song

not bad at first but then it started to get better

Catstuffer responds:

Oh whewf! I was afraid I would get worse! :S

Thanks for reviewing!


Great remix! ;D Remember me?

Catstuffer responds:

Ah, yes... lol, I jsut responded to your previous review. xD

Thanks again!

I love it, you have noooo idea...

This is the kind of stuff I come to NG for.

Intro/Outro: A great slow to fast intro, sets the pace for the rest of the song nicely.
A good ending and a moderate loop to the song.

Beat/SFX: Love the fast beat, and the synths are really nice. At 1:40 you kinda remix the song; it sounds great.

Conclusion: A great masterpiece, be proud and stand tall my friend.
Other: A bit of lyrics would be awesome to this song; maybe something like,
Mid-Night-Rave at each of the syllables, then
What... Time.. Is-The-Midnight.... RAVE.
Jus' a thought.
Anyway, keep it up bro, I love your sound so far!
PeaCe! Sjs000-----

Catstuffer responds:

lol, sounds like you should make a remix! You seem to ahve some good ideas there!

Thanks for reviewing!