Reviews for "~ Midnight-Rave ~"


THIS is the shit , the intro just awsome , it just speeds up which is frekin awsome , i just heard it from the beginning and im like WOW !! , this a must download , just like all your other songs


Catstuffer responds:

Thanks Tech, glad you likes! This was very experimental with the arppegiator, but it worked quite well!


can't stop MUST DOWNLOAD!!! =0

Catstuffer responds:

cool, just be sure to not go through those red lights!

Thanks for reviewing!

Jump,Jump,Bounce,Bounce To This!

Abin Here...Again! Well man i didn't think you made this type of music, Only because I have heard about 5 of your songs and they are nice and slow to listen to. (In a Good Way :) Awsome job man.

Next time you could probably put some type of piano sound in and it would sound 10x terrific. That's just my opinion though. Anyways great song and I really think you need to make more songs like this. hehe.

-Abin229 [9/10]

Catstuffer responds:

ooh i agree, I am currenty 2/3rds done a piano rave core type mix. It starts out mostly trancy, and through a complecated series of levers and pullies, turns into a mellow piano techno combo. lol

Thanks for the review!


i hope ur gonna b a dj cause this shit is fucking wicked as!!!!!!!!!

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it I plan on going into networking and get a batchlor of computer science degree, but no DJ'ing



Catstuffer responds:

Thanks, I tried out different things with the arppegiator and these are some of the results!

Thanks for the review! :D