Reviews for "~ Midnight-Rave ~"

Just really damn good

at the beginning, i liked the progessive speeding of the beat. You have some really good idea's here. Please make a hardstyle song, i'll download it and rate 5 every day.

Catstuffer responds:

Hmm, Hardstlye really isn't my thing... I don't think I'm an angry enough person to make hardstyle xD. But I will try going back to the roots of this, and making something in a similar style soon!

Thanks for the review!


Definitely make MOAR!

Catstuffer responds:

U can haz!


Thanks for reviewing!

one of the best techno song i've ever heard

The title sums it up. I can listen to it over and over

Catstuffer responds:

Thats baller!

Want me to make MOAR??

Thanks for the review :D

(srry, i'm a little wound upp)


sum1 eliminate the clap sound it's annoying to the ears to me!

Catstuffer responds:

Don't like the clap? Well this is very old, I promise you I have modified it since... lol

Thanks for the review! :D

this is a great song and i love to listen to it

it is a great song and me and my freinds love it it is a great song and i would love if you made even more songs for me to here

Catstuffer responds:

Cool. I'm still making them!

Thanks for reviewing