Reviews for "~ Midnight-Rave ~"

Holy Moly Guacamoli

Dude this is so AWSOME i love the synth sounds A++++ 1000000%

P.S. Im really curious, What program did you use to do this am a musician and im trying to find a good music composing program!

Catstuffer responds:

I use Fl Studio 8 which goes for about $300, but you can always torrent a cracked version! xD

Thanks for your review!


great song i really like it

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks, I appreciate your reviews

are you god?

yeah this is one of the best thing i ever heard. The intro melody is amazing and then the second melo tops the first ... and they are both really catchy. I would say, this is totally amazing :). They bring up this happy feelings, just awesome :D
a single question: are you god? :):):)

greetings InfOr

Catstuffer responds:

I certainly am not and never could measure up to his greatness.

Thanks for ur review!

Not bad!

It's a good song with good melodies and beats. Very creative, and the synths are used very artistically. I like how you speed up the tempo at the beginning.

In my humble opinion, I would like more of a heavier, deeper, louder bass synth. It almost seems as if there is no bass but only some low string synth or something. I don't really like the ending, but it works. That's what I would change, but over all you have skill.

I'm not claiming to be a master or that my music is perfect, but I do think that we can all learn stuff from reviews. Best of luck in your music - I'll try to review a couple other songs of yours throughout the next couple weeks if I have time.


Catstuffer responds:

Hey thanks, I guess It really depends on what kind of headphones you use to make a song. I always find the bass overpowering so I tune it down a bit. Mby I sound try a few pairs of headphones to see where I should put the levels.

Oh, and one more q... you can just PM me with the answer... have u ever / do you play BHD? (Black Hawk Down)

awesome possum!

great tune I'm definitely going to have to check out the rest of your work now ^^
(and on a side note I have to say I like Author's who take the time to reply to comments. it shows you care about peoples opinions. you just got yourself a new fan)

Catstuffer responds:

yaah! :D I figure, If you spend the time to write a review, it's only proper to spend the time to reply! Glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!