Reviews for "~ Midnight-Rave ~"


you just wanted ppl to dance didnt you XD

Catstuffer responds:

<_< ... perhaps.... xD


First its amazing for an author to get back on like ALL reveiws. man
then this song is probably one of the best technos songs ive ever heard (and ive heard ALOT)
Some specifics: I loved the dynamic contrast at 1:40. That's a one in a million in techno authors :)

Overall amazing song. Great beat too.

To comment on your response on uber9000's reveiw: I think you HAVE pleased everyone :) cheers

Catstuffer responds:

Haha, Thanks Manumission, your too kind!

I have heard mixed reviews about break-downs (1:40) It seems to be a love hate thing :/

Glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing! :D


Nice, a bit slow at first, but it makes up for it with the actual song!

Catstuffer responds:


Thanks for reviewing! :D


do u use any programs liek fl studio? or do you use actual equipment? i love techno and gonna start making it soon and i didnt rele like fl studio :/ any tips for making songs?

Catstuffer responds:

I use FL studio, But I really don't make songs like this anymore, This song is close to 2 years old now. My style has changed and so has my "sounds"

Yes, I use Fl studio, but would like to explore other options sometime. FL Studio is great! But I hear I could do a little tweaking with some other programs.

Tips: Experiment! If you don't liek how a tune is going, just restart, or put it away and come back later. Don't give up if Newgrounders give you poor reviews or vote your stuff down, not everyone will like your song, It is impossible to please EVERYONE! Try to fidn your "groove" and expand from there! Hoep that helps!

I Like it!

Like the Remix,
Good at the start and it just got better,
even downloaded it on meh iTunes

Catstuffer responds:

Cool beans! Glad you like it! Thanks for supporting!