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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

The teddy bears are haunting my dreams...

Graphics are ok but not that good (the terrain and the bike could have been better)

Style is brilliant, no one has thought of a game with bicycles and teddies! :p

Sound is great, Queen rock!!!

Violence is a 2 because you fall off your bike, kinda violent

Interactivity is a 10 because its a game, duh

Humour is definatly a 10, teddies and bikes...brilliant ;)

Overall it is a good, funny game. Please reply to say what you think of my review

RVWD responds:

i think your review is great! ;)

REAL good game

It was simple and beautiful. My little sisters wil love it


RVWD responds:

alright then~!

keep it coming

i liked it alot the only bad thing was i started out with 3 teddiz and they were impossible to avoid but when i restarted it was fine cuz then there was only 1

RVWD responds:

hehe, ok;)


come on dude what are you 6 years old.
rideing a f***in bike and avoiding the teddy bears.

the only thing that really rocks is the music, but eeh keep on learning

RVWD responds:

hm.. are you 6 years old? you can't even type RIDING right:P


wow I really like that. the music too !! Queen well keep it up!!
ehehe I dont want too say my highscore its its just.. nvm :P
well I like your other games too :D

RVWD responds:

alright!! thnx:)