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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

Ur right

Ur right, that IS weird. Dodging bears on a bike...pretty interesting indeed. Not bad though, relatively fun. The song added to the weirdness. I never did like that song, yet it somehow fits in this flash. Probably cuz ur riding a bike but it's deeper than that. The song seems apropriate for going down a hill dodging bears. While on a bike of course. GOod job ;)

RVWD responds:

whahaha, oke thnx:D lol

It was actually pretty fun

Although the whole controle with your mouse set it up, the way the views worked dint work for me. It was still a good game though.

RVWD responds:

ohw, ok, maybe i had to add another camera, lol


you have alot of time on your hands to make this crappy game.

RVWD responds:

i guess...

Woo-hoo High Score! 22126!

Probably the most unique game I have ever played on Newgrounds. And the music is very apropriate (Queen). Nice graphics. I like the bears...almost hard to avoid deliberately. I got the current highscore YAY (22126).
~El Brokko

RVWD responds:

alright!! and congratiulations!!

Hilarious! A JOB WELL DONE!

This was great, very well put together, nicely composed! I like the whole plot and such! The audio selections were amazing! Everything fit perfectly together, nothing was flawless and such, I also like the graphics you obviously put forth quite some effort, as always! Keep in mind that this was some what short, not too short but a little short, this was the potential to be longer! I like the intense gameplay it was somewhat difficult but easy to catch on! Great job, keep up the awesomee work I will look forward to more submissions by you in the near future! I gave you a five out of five on the portal vote and an eight point five out of ten on the overall review voting! Best of luck on your future flashes!


RVWD responds:

wow, thnx!! don't know what to say:d