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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

Needs a tad bit

I enjoyed the game but i rlly think that the steering needs to be changed instead of just angleing itz a bit strange b/c u go straight thru the bears but ur "handles" are turned update that and it would be prefect. and maybe if u want make it were the whole bike is showing and put a person on it or any 1 it would b kool too...well keep up tha good work WTG.

RVWD responds:

alright!! well.. i think about it

I liked it. It was very unique.

I like this game, and as the title says I think it's very unique. However turning doesnt seem to do jack because it looks more like angling in place. I have no way to succesfully avoid the bears. Tweak it a but and it will be a great game.

RVWD responds:

hmm... i don't see such a big problem with the turning stuf... thnx anyway for reviewing:)

I liked the game but...

If there was an option to use arrow keys and sometimes the view is a bit choppy. it's hard to see when you make sharp left and right turns. it still is a great game though.

RVWD responds:

cool, thnx:)

I Enjoyed

You get props on using the greatest of Queen songs... and for the nifty 3D programming.

RVWD responds:

hehe, alright, thnx:d


not bad, bit blotchey here and there but not bad