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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

it may be weird...

but it's not really fun...specially when u hear the song the sixth time your ears start to bleed and your brain gets cooked by all the same graphics over and over :(

RVWD responds:

sorry about that:P


I liked that, it was pretty good if a bit bland on the textures. you could of put some different things in the bikes path to make it better, like oil slicks or ice cream cones dropping out of the sky. otherwise, pretty cool.

RVWD responds:

thnx for the idea:)

I couldnt Play it???

I have just seen your game in the flash portal and clicked to play on it,?? although it never loaded, I have just played loads of other games and they went fine, but this one showed a blank white screen and didnt do anything, I wont rate your movie just incase there is something I need to do but please write back so I can rate it, I have waited for a while and nothing happened......

RVWD responds:

dude... it realy load, you just gotta have patience, maybe ur internet connection is very slow:)


Golden Boy!!!!!

RVWD responds:

haha, nooo not goldenboy ;)

score: 110452

i dont know if its a glitch or anything but if u just move your mouse to the sides and don't ever look at any of the bears...

you will NEVER crash....

you should check this out...overall a great game...

RVWD responds:

ohw??? damn, i din't know that:D