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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

rather repetetive

however and overall rating just for the queen song

RVWD responds:


Dull and repetitive

Good concept, not so well implemented. Replay value is zero (or should I say: motivation to replay): once you get off the bike, you get off the game. And personally, I consider listening to Queen's "Bicycle" for more than ten minutes in a row as psychological warfare - where's the option to toggle music on/off (or maybe put another track in there to spice it up a little). Graphics were decent, but after about 20 seconds you've seen all that there is to this game, and as gameplay doesn't go beyond moving your mouse to the left or to the right, there's really nothing to grab your attention on even a medium term basis. Also the individual levels last too long; speed up the whole thing, place more teddies along the way, improve the steering animation (so you don't actually think you're going sideways when going around an object), clearly demarcate the track's boundaries, add extra items plus musical variety and you'll have a real winner.

RVWD responds:

ahw... thnx for your long review!

the bike went slower - like hovered

I just wanted the hear the song - it's one of my fav's. The game was a'ight

RVWD responds:


hmmm kind of.... bland

you know what i mean??? just sort of going forward and thoes lil bears in the middle of no where....not much to it and some more stufff. i like the view though and the song fits the game:)

RVWD responds:

yeah, i know what you mean:)

Very cool shit :D!

Nice game, I enjoyed playing it.

RVWD responds:

ok! thnx for enjoing it:)