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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"

''I want to ride my bicyc-BOOM!''

This game is just awesome.
Make more of these!

RVWD responds:

hehehe, i will;) thnx

kinda fun

That was a pretty fun game, even though i didn't get to far. Yeah the collision ditections is a little off, but that's ok. It was also kind of hard to steer though. I like the song. Its called Bicycle races, by Queen not by Styx.

RVWD responds:

i know, well... hope u liked it:)


It is preety good...except for the sometimes twitchy stearing but still good. 4/5

RVWD responds:

ohw, sorry about, i'll try to fix ;)

What the?!

Curse you sir... forcing me to play more just to hear the full song...

RVWD responds:

hehehehe;):D lol


Kinda revolutionary. This gets nice and hectic as it goes along and is a very good submission. Good job. Only prob is that it may need some spicing up... Perhaps other players will want more than this. I like the game ne way.

RVWD responds:

i know:) i'll remember it 4 the next version