Reviews for "Family Guy Quiz Time"


A completely amazing game i got perfect


it was ok i guess but it was kinda fucked up u missplelled a word and every score i got it said i suck even the high scoreing ones

Very good, but easy

I knew everything except where Seth McFarland grew up, so I guessed and got it right. Overall it was really good, and the sound bytes part was rather unique. One thing I didn't like was how you asked questions about the "behind the scenes" stuff, which I normally don't like in quizes, but I aced this one because I know too much about Family Guy. If you ever make another be sure to make it much harder without too many "behind the scenes" question. ALso, make it longer! :)
Great job man!

I gotta a 16

but that's cuz the scoring sucks. I had 76 when i was at last ? but i missed it

what's up with this quiz?!

I typed in the answers that i knew were right, and it kept saying they're wrong. And I know they're right because I just came back from a FG marathon.