Reviews for "Family Guy Quiz Time"


WOOOOO! I got flawless on the SECOND try! I must be a freakin nerd.
make sure you spell things right on this thingy!

Good... and a rebuttle from psyco_shortygurl

good quiz, make another. and i think the episode youre talking about is when stewie is actually retelling the audience about the "retched" day of his birth.


Hey this quiz was really fun but i have one thing to ask! when r u goin to make another family guy quiz???? My favorite episode of family guy is when Stewie goes into peter and kills all the sperm except one^_^


Awesome awesome awesome. Family Guy is the shit, so glad i found the quiz, cut through it like a hot knife through butter, cept the parts bout seth mcfarlane.

good and bad

Well it was pretty good, but some you had to really remember every part of it. There were two sound clips where you missed the timing. Oh and the guy that reviewed before was just mad that he didn't pass, and also he can't spell for crap.