Reviews for "Family Guy Quiz Time"

love it

lol i loved that game !!!!!

That was great!

That was really cool! I'd like to see more quizes based on other things too....keep up the good--(Explosions)--Ehem...the "Great" work!


It was great best Familie Guy Quiz EVER!

I scored 50 I keep spelling things wrong on the sound bite parts

Great Quiz Man!

I've seen every episode of Family Guy at least 10 times, so I got the first 2 sections correct every time.... but that last section killed all of my points, lol. Anyway, I'm gonna be playing this for a while, I WANT A FLAWLESS SCORE!!!

Really Challenging

i got a 400/400 WITHOUT CHEATING the only reason i rated it a 9 is because you spelled calander wrong(in egg calander), and i lost way too many points, once i found out how to spell it i retook the test. But other than that, really good and challenging.

Plebbi responds:

i just googled and found out its so many times written with "calendar" and "calander" its both right in many dictionaries. This is just weird :S