Reviews for "Family Guy Quiz Time"

a bit boring

im gunna give a 5 cos yeahh i got them all right but i looked half of em up on google... It was kinda boring so make another one thats easier cos i love family guy but how am i supposed to work out the answer to these questions :S

game was good

this game was fun especially since im a fan of the show very entertaining infact, nice job overall and good questions

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Family guy game


i love FG

i love FG but this was shit and the beyond why would to want to know that and what was with the FG theme music and then stewie shoutin silence that just pissed me off after having to heard serval times and i got the score of 200 it still said "YOU SUCK" u need 220 4 it to u get ok the person who did this is retarted

Plebbi responds:

Im very sorry you feel that way, this was made to be really hard because i was so sick of people putting up flash content back then in 2005 like Simpsons questions and it was like "Who is the troublemaker in the simpsons family" and stuff like that very very very very easy... I made the beyond really hard to let people really think, however it kind of backfired since a lot of people review it giving me the finger because Stewie says "youuuuu suck!" ... I didn't mean to offend ANYONE.. the Point system wasn't all that well thought out back when i created. I was 17 years old and my concept would be totally revamped if i ever decided to do this again which im not because at the age of 24 you kind of have to do other stuff then creating flash cartoons or games :).. Anyway im sorry hope you didn't get offended


i watch family guy when ever its on
i did i school project on family guy
i have watched to movie countless times

and i still got in the minuses...
this quiz is $#@&
you would either have to cheat or be obsessed with family guy to know the answers


the most boring family guy quiz I ever took

this test was on a whole new level of shit and the questions on part 3 had absolutely nothing to do with famil guy, all you did was ask questions about the voice actors which by the way nobody gives a shit about