Reviews for "Family Guy Quiz Time"


i hate that you get get - points if you skip and i hate the end if you got -

Pretty good quiz, one problem though

The first multiple choice one is wrong. His ultimate goal is NOT world domination. It's to kill Lois. He tries to kill lois in way more eppisodes than he mentions world domination. He's tried to kill Lois in eppisodes from seasons 1-3. Also, you should make a new quiz, since they made more seasons. They've aired the entire 4th season(which I own on DVD sets of) and about half of season 5. They even have eppisode names for eppisodes in Season 6. So, you should start working on a new quiz, with questions about more recent eppisodes. Nice game though.

Really Challenging

i got a 400/400 WITHOUT CHEATING the only reason i rated it a 9 is because you spelled calander wrong(in egg calander), and i lost way too many points, once i found out how to spell it i retook the test. But other than that, really good and challenging.

Plebbi responds:

i just googled and found out its so many times written with "calendar" and "calander" its both right in many dictionaries. This is just weird :S

the answers are......

part one: fill in the blank (soundbytes)
1. head
2. slap
3. country music star
4. egg calendar (not calandar, or calender)
5. and no play makes stewie a dull boy
part two: multiple choice (quiz)
1. b
2. b
3. b
4. c
5. a
6. a
7. a
part three: matching (beyond)
1. seth green
2. seth mcfarlane
3. seth mcfarlane
4. mila kunis
5. seth mcfarlane
6. seth mcfarlane
7. kent, connecticut
8. woodbury


that is a perfect score

enjoy cheating

Hmm... not bad man.

Not bad at all, though, lacking in entertainment. I, unlike most others, like to read most if not all reviews and responses in order to give a proper review. That being said; here I go.

1st) The fact that you drew your own characters is commendible; being that most people wouldn't acually do something like that, esspecially for something like a quiz; even so, judging by the quality of the pictures, I'd say that you could do better and I hope that you can do better because it wouldn't say much for you if you couldn't. But for the shere fact that you drew the pictures yourself; I award you a (7).

2nd) As you may already know; there are alot of quiz games on NG which drastically drops any style points that you may have recieved had there been only around 100 or so, but as it stands there are damn near 1000 (I'm exagerating a little). But there is one thing I noticed and that was the interesting way you set up the the different sections. For instance the 1st section was a "Type in the correct wording" thing where as the second was multiple choice and the last had more of an enfesis on the creator of the show instead of the same "Boring" "Old" multiple choice quizes that you can just keep playing through till you memorize the answers. So pretty much you can blame your low score on all of those people creating hentai quizes left and right and ruining it for true quiz designers like yourself. For your complete uniqueness in this aspect you recieve a (3).

3rd) Your sound was quite clear unlike most of the flash the I view. Not once did I hear a pop or hiss or crackle; not to mention you chose some of the best lines to use. For this I give you a (7) as well.

4th) well... obviously there is no violence... lol... so there... (0)... lol... sorry ;P.

5th) Interactivity well just as I put it before; quiz games are pretty much all the same but because you gave originality when most wouldn't try; I award you a (6). You acually made it slightly more interactive then anyone ever has... lol.

Lastly) Humor... well as you acually put it in one of your responses to... well I can't remember the name at the moment... but anyway you said "This was not meant to be funny; it was meant to be a quiz. So for what it's worth; I'll give you a (3).

So all together I'll give you a (6) but I will vote 3 which is acually 4 if you count 0. aka. "Blam this piece of #$@%"

P.S. Don't let anyone tell you that your entries to NG suck because i've viewd most and they are all pritty entertaining. By the way... I enjoyed your idea for "Hentai". I had no idea you made the hentai puzzles.