Reviews for "Family Guy Quiz Time"

Family Guy rulz

Hey this quiz was fuckin awesome i love family guy but i just didnt do to good with the voice actors at the end but great job keep it up!


ok for all u fucking pple out there that r too damn stupid to do this and u make the creater write a bunch of crap THIS IS FOR U!!!
1. all texted in lowercase
2. check your dam spelling calandar has an "A"
3.if your not getting the points for soundbytes its your mistake i went through it fine
4.if your don't like Family Guy or quizes don't play the motherfucker and give this perfectly fine quiz a bad rating
5.if this gets blammed im finding all u bastards that gave it bad ratings and ripping your fucking heads off
To the author: great quiz make some more

how dare you say i am no fan of famliy guy!!......

this game is kinda abusive because at the end if you get a low score it says "you suck!" thats abusive! i like the game because its a family guy game, but if you edit it more, and make it say "nice try" or somthing like that, it might raise submission score!

wow not bad

lol i got an high score!


I got two questions wrong, so I suck?
Christ, I live for Family Guy...