Reviews for "Family Guy Quiz Time"


that was not a quiz for family guy fans, it was a quiz for nerds obsessed with family guy


Easy Questions (for me, at least) and it made me feel good to get 400 pts. on my first try. Guessed at Seth's middle name, though I still got it right.

Make more!! (Except add Herbert, he's the shit)

Okay so...

It was hard, but my score was a nice 200. =]
Try making the font easier to read. o.o It was hard.

Too hard

How is anybody supposed to remember all their lines.


look, i like family guy and ive seen ALL of the episodes. and it said YOU SUCK! oh and i typed in the right awnser for all of them and it put me down in points. FIX THIS!!!

Plebbi responds:

it depends on lowercase letters :) and the only part that drags people down are personal questions regarding the author and creator Seth macfarlane