Reviews for "Family Guy Quiz Time"

You bastard!

You know, it was a good quiz & all, but for 1: All of the questions were too easy & 2: I am a true family guy fan! I have volumes 1-3 & have watched every episode on all 3 of them! I also have watched all of the bonus material! AND I watch every new episode every sunday! It was good, but stupid at the same time.

P.S.I got everything right except for the very last one & I got a final score of 160! What the fuck is up with that?!


I missed two in the soundbites part, the redneck one and the awork and no play makes Stewie a dull boy on my first try(i mispelled dull, dule). But I can't remeber that damn redneck one! :(. Still a great quiz.

omfg this is for the real geeks

who the fuck knows this stuff?i got -389 -.-
and "looser" is wrong its loser man you cant spell

wrong spelling

the only thing i didnt like was for the audio part, the answer was egg calender or calender. i put in both and thats how theyre spelled, but i got it wrong both times.

Not bad, not bad...

It was quite good. Unfortunately for me, I put Stewie with a capital 'S', which lost me some points, (though I don't think it should have ;))

Also, the part at the end says "If you were a true Family Guy fan you would get it flawless!" - But since most fans enjoy the cartoon, and don't pay much attention to the cast, the last section seemed a tad irrelevent.

Other than that it was good, well done man:)