Reviews for "Taegukgi"

Very Very Very Very Very Very good

Good nice action and animation and coreography, i dont care if i didnt spell it right u kno what i mean DAMMIT! umm GOOD VIOLENCE VIOLENCE MAKE MORE VIOLENCE good job. Should i give it a 5 or 0 for sound cuz i cant hear it? hmmmmmmmmmm.......

=D Awesome.

This movie was amazing, definetly, like said before, remindeed me of saving private ryan using sticks. =D


This was a lot better than most stick figure movies. The graphics were good but it was a little short but then again it was made in 13 days. The sound was good but and it was a little violent. There wasnt any humor. Still i enjoyed it alot. keep up the good work


nice M4-Sherman, i must say.

but i think one of them 40mm grenade launchers shoulda been used at least once (a good shot woulda knocked out that archaic tank)

Eh... What's the point?

A big hype for nothing! No story. It's like watching a short clip from Saving Private Ryan but with stick figures.