Reviews for "Taegukgi"

Great potential

The design work was great, but I think you needed to do more work with the people. Stick figures just don't get the drama across.

Hmm.... pretty good flash! sorta...

Hehe, I gave this a four. I've never seen Tagukgi (mom said it's too gory O_o but I heard it's really good! >< should I watch it? Probably hafta watch it with English captions though, since I'm bad at Korean... that is the movie you were referring to, right?)

Umm... the art could use a little work, but it was easy to tell who was which side and the guns and tank were drawn pretty well... overall good job, though I agree with the previous review, it could have been a little longer. O_o like what happens after.


all was really good ... maybe a little bit longer


Awsome with the screen taking damage. Could of been longer but still good.

Pretty Good

I liked it. Animation of weapons and Tank were phenominal.....people needed work (unless you were going for skick figures).....great sound.....and the fighting was great...