Reviews for "Taegukgi"

Interesting, you do stick movie war?wanna help me?

I am interested in making a movie, but i dunno how to make one......so can i give u the idea, and u make it? if yes, e-mail me at
atyeh@aol(dot)com, include that u are interested in making my movie so i don't delete it.

P.S: wouldn't let me put in a URL


Weird how a WWII tank appeared on a modern battlefield. :O

Well drawn with very good sound. Nice work!

The graphics were well drawn and we can see you have a particular style. The sound matched up great and the action was well, action. I gave a 1 for humor just because they are stick people. Nice work, keep sending more in.

I hate stick movies!

I hate stick movies but out of all the stick movies I've ever seen this is by far the best. I actually kinda liked it.

Very nice...

Cool the movie was cool very cool ( 'n' nice )
Yeah and...
I bet it was 'bout korean movie "Taegukgi"