Reviews for "Taegukgi"

one request

Ahh... I've watch this movie like 20.000.000 times but it stays just as good. Your style is so amazing and your graphics to. I just wanna know. Everytime you make a movie you put in beautiful dripping blood. But i just wanna know. cause wen you see this revieuw please can you say how you make that beautiful dripping blood. Because I tried in like 20 thousand times but i just suck


not bad but u can do way better man

Well done.

Not many things to say about this but one, accesories like belts on them wich carry grenades, pistols, walkie talkies etc. But overall an extremely
good flash animation


This was an awesome movie. I saw this a year late....
Well anyways I have one question why name this Taegukgi (Republic of Korea)? You may have not known that but i'm just asking.

Ok so the real reviewing. Excellent work. I thought this reflected some kind of war. Good job


No dobut you made a war flash my friend, but few war films even of the highest calibur can pull of the atmosphere you created in that, i salute you sir