Reviews for "Taegukgi"

Hmm... Violent, Pointless, Big Tank, I LOVE IT!!!!

Nice job on it. very clean if ya know what I mean. Just one little problem... NO VOICES!! Even Saving Private Ryan had voices at the begining. Very good though.

omfg!! but......

.......them sticks!!!! if you made all of the objects you might have alsow made NORMAL solidgers<< this is the only thing that bothers me!! besides that its great


this (and your other flashes) ROCK!!!! i love your war movies! the animation was so friggin smooth and the graphics were just incredible!!! this is definately goin to my favorites! you rok

Very, very good.

Absolutely beatiful movie. The graphics were excellent. You obviously spent all your time doing this, just to get those graphics far above average. If I went through the movie frame by frame, I'm sure I would find no problems with the movie at all. Absolutely amazing! I loved it how the dirt went on the screen and it was all out of focus, just so cool. Jittereing camera was cool too to make the guns look poweful. The sounds were awesome to also make the guns sound powerful, with added war sounds in the background. It was great.
I had no idea what was going on which added to the suspense of war, and really proved how mad war is.
Now I know that it was meant to be crazy and just everywhere, but I I thought that this could be the ultimate movie if there was a story. And maybe possibly make it slightly longer, but that's not a real problem.

So excellent movie! More....!


This is sweet!!!! I think it is really cool to see war films. I don't even care about stick people. I give it a 9.