Reviews for "Taegukgi"

War is fun!!!!

Dude!!!! This stuff is great!!! Man!!!! And the 3D effects are great!!! You'll have to keep on makin' these stuff man!!!!

Really Cool

I'm gonna ask you to submit more, or even make a series cause that was pretty neat dude.


not bad, but the starting movie had nothing 2 do with the movie itself, there wasn't a point in the movie, but i did like the detail on the guns and the tank, but next time, maybe u should come talk 2 me, i was in the Army cadets, and u could use sum proper moves


it didnt show the first half

Great! But no closing

I thought it was excellent, and very well done. Stylish, great angles, great gun detail and screen shaking and stuff. But...there's got to be something more to it.