Reviews for "Taegukgi"

I ended up liking this. I think the biggest plus was how it was done so mysteriously. You really had no idea what was going on with this. It took awhile to load. I will admit that it could have been more unique. I've seen stuff like this before.

It was still very well animated. I especially like how the tanks are done. Everything seems pretty realistic. Then again, I guess sticks can never be realistic. They can't grasp anything without fingers.

It's been a literal decade since this thing came out, and it still rolls strong, it's smooth, looks good for its age and is part of the golden era of Flash Animation.

Rock on Taeguki.

fast paced n awsome

i like how you drew the Ak-47s n M16s and equal battle casualties n sounds but the Tank looked like a panzer from WWII


This movie is simply amazing. It has nice effects, plenty of action, and a decent length. It totally deserves better ratings and more views.

omg :o

truly a master piece. just one thing, dont u think its a little to short? great job though. :)