Reviews for "Reality Lost"


The trailer looks interesting. You also have quite a unique anme style animation. I look forward to the feature.

Looks like Naruto meets the Matrix

It looks like naruto met the matrix in another world.. The graphics are very good but I have to say, the head turning really took a lot of time and was pretty choppy. I like the sound of the series coming.. and lmao was it just me or did that person slashing away the arrows looks like one of konoha's hokages.. like the young fourth.. well anyhoo.. I'd suggest more frames inbetween the movements for less choppy ness.. and maybe a little explanation of whats going because I don't really get it.. I mean in the beginning theres a girl what looks around and backs away in this soldier like outfit.. and then theres the hokage dude with the arrows and yea. then theres another girl who looks just like the one with the soldier outfit that walks down the stairs and sees gasp the soldier girl that for some reason has red eyes and they are battling even though the plot is about whats real or not.. I don't think it really makes a lot of sense.. but for the heck of it, I like it overall so I give it a 8

Really good

keep up the good work :)

nicely done

this is very fine animation, needs some minor work(ie, smoothing, joint articulation at points), and the eyes seem very static, at least on the girl when shes walking at the beginning.


I'm sorry that it took you so long, it just bored me.