Reviews for "Reality Lost"

I like it!

Seems like one of those violent-odd-stories, but it IS just a trailer. Can't wait to see the complete version!

only good things come from nanako

hhmmmmm. let me just say your so good i`m looking forward to a crappy movie.....u don`t need anyone to tell you you`re a freakin genius but YOU`RE A FREAKIN GENIUS, some-if not- THE most brilliant flash animation i`ve ever seen, when i get to do flash cartoons i hope to collaberate with u sometime, i dig the anime style


I like blackmaze a very good author but I think you sort of took the Reality isnt Real from the matrix


i was expecting very good thigns form blackmaze and indeed they did impress me =) great..and ...somehow the lito pink spiral...it came form naruto??? =P just curious


I loved it. That was really something! It was a bit shakey at first, but then it acuired perfection.