Reviews for "Reality Lost"


visuals, animation, sound, etc. were all really great

the fghting is probably the best ive ever seen in flash, except for maybe a few with stick ppl though lol

as for what the movie could become, well, your other ones look better, the fightinig and everything was great, but the movie just doesnt look as interesting as some of your other ones.

anyway, it was really great!

In a word, ghubalughpalgublbbelplszss.


First, I have to request you get a sound designer or something. Your use of sound effects (or lack thereof -- silence can not be overused) could be much stronger and more dramatic, not to mention your choice of sounds.

The only other major criticism I can offer is that I hope these clips were all created for explicit use in an actual movie. It would be almost criminal if they simply assembled for this trailer and never really put to use.

But that was incredible.

You have an amazing grasp of animation. The jerks and pauses between fluid motion all come together to make solid movement sequences. The tweened stuff, especially in the beginning, isn't nearly as smooth, which is kind of odd considering smoothness is the main thing tweening offers. I'm sure all those seperate body parts are hard to align properly, let alone animate and rotate and keep it still looking human, but in any case they look like the kind of problems that will improve simply with practice.

I appreciate your inclusion of facial features in this animation -- they add great focus to the action scenes right when they're needed most. In sections with less movement they don't add much at all, the emotions seem pretty neutral, which may be intentional for this trailer, but again I think you'll get better at it with time.

Do not stop animating. That is an order.

Thank you.

(Didja ever get in touch with Tom or Wade about whatever happened to the Llama Magic series?)

food is good


looks like one of Miyazaki's works


this is what i've been waiting to see on newgrounds. i really can't wait for you to make the really thing and submit it. hurry so i can view it.


dude that was awesome. I cant wait for the real thing to come out. Truely increadable i have not seen anything like that on ng before.