Reviews for "Reality Lost"


once again ur works freak me out!! i have 2 c this movie now im going crazy l0l

I love it

I like your style of flash making.
The movie was also very nice, the only thing I missed was a booming voice spelling out the "how can you be shure" etc.
You almost made me believe it was a real movie trailer, not a flash one.
The scenes are just that captivating.



it was great and it hard to find anything to say but keep on work on it and it will so be worth a 10

One moment.... hmmmm

Either i have already seen this animation for a long long time or it still every scene remembers me on a film that i saw... or it's just a deja vú... (I hate these Deja vús)
But whatever ^^ i like it, it's awesome


I really can sense the effort you put into this.. i wish i could do something like this... maybe i'll try (whenever i get some time to spare LOL (If i have time to... )) whateveer!! It's cool and the movements of the attacks are awasome!! at first it was a little slow but then! BAM!! it really flows!! Kep it goin'!!!! Congrat!!