Reviews for "Reality Lost"

Fan of Naruto eh?

LOL dunno y but this reminds me of naruto
but good work none the less... u can tell it's quality work


just awsome

AWESOME! Purely and simple

This is one of the greatest flashes I've ever seen. One thing I'd like to know. How do you get that Matrix font? Anyway great job, oh and if anyone says there is anything wrong at all with this flash, they're wrong.

Debain Linux?

Was that the Debian Linux symbol on their shirts?

yeah this gets the thumbs up

bit choppy at the start but definately gets better as it goes along. I reckon u should go back and fix that choppiness. Perhaps make the animation sorter too, it kinda went on a little repeating itself. (the girl jumping in the air with a sword). The red eyes were also a little tacky.
Maybe even have some of those cool close up shots that are in anime movies. Those are really cool.

But yes, i liked the skill and effort that you showed. Keep on truckin