Reviews for "Reality Lost"

Hmm, yeah!

Cort, you gotta admit, it was sliiiightly choppy, but thats not important... at all. Everything else was perfectly done. Bravo, and the like. The first thing that cought my eye was the definite greatness within the artwork, all the characters looked superb and when I saw the fire I was like "OMG! DUDE LOOK AT THAT FIRE! HOLY SWEET GEORGIA BROWN!" Meaning... the fire was really cool. Yeah. Well. the transition was great, Everything went by gracefully (yet slighty burdened by some chop here and there) but like I said thats ok.

I can assure everyone that this guy is gonna give out a 100% top quality movie when the actual film comes out. Which, I will definitely be waiting for with antisipation. Good job here.

Very Nice!

Ignore what nic-a-teen said, he doesnt know anythign about flash, this movie is very good, the frame by frame animation must have taken a very long time Good Job, 10/10

choppy and boring

this was terribly choppy, and you tweens and such were way to noticable.... try spending alittle more time on the important stuff, if your going to spend time on graphics and everythign.

definatley looks like its going somewhere!

I must say though your frame by frame animations are a bit choppy, if you are going to go all out, go all out....the early 360 turns the character makes are definately advanced, but should have been a quarter finer. Cant wait to see the real film.


what was that last reviewer on? th reason u dont know who everyone is, is because its a fuckin trailer u fuckin idiot