Reviews for "Reality Lost"

Good work

The graphics at the beginning were a little choppy, but other than that it looks amazing. Keep it up ^^

Good Work

I like the animation on this one, however, the person in the beginning and later through it, when not in an action scene, was VERY unproportioned. I didn't look very good, but the action scenes were also some of your best. Your time was well spent.

Ugly at the beginning, Good at the End.

At the beginning, I see a really ugly person. Then later on, this trailer looks better & better! Nice trailer!


Can't wait till' you finish it!!!!


i thought this was one of your better flashes but lemme just tell you something.....I DON'T KNOW IF YOUR HAVING FUN SCREWING WITH US AND ALL THESE TRAILERS OR IF THERES A SITE THERE ON THAT I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YET THAT THERE ON IDK. BUT ALL I KNOW IS THAT YOU CAN MAKE SO MANY TRAILERS AND NOT HAVE 1 MOVIE DONE YET!!! *sigh* well.... good flash none the less...(your driving me insane)