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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"


the bonus waas the best, some questions were hard! i like the hard one though

Very decent quiz.

Being the Zelda freak that I am, it wasn't too hard.
BUT, the parts where it asked how many mailboxes or something along those lines, it got difficult. Other than that, I regularly surf Zelda sites, so I knew the rest. Pretty sad, huh? :)

Anyhow, good job. I'll give you a 4, due to the research you put into this.

pretty good, i liked it

This was pretty good. i got to extreme mode and quit due to difficulty. Good work, keep it up. One thing though, the song got annoying after awhile, try and put other songs in also for variety.

CrawlAway responds:

you missed the bonus ending!!

good one

nice quiz. i got almost all of the ones right from the original series, but since i haven't played some of the newer zelda games, i bombed them lol.


That was cool i just love the Zelda stuff. I'll admite that you got me on some of the questions but hey I give you big props for this. Good work.