Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"

Very nice.

I beat the whole thing though. And the only Zelda game I've played is Ages. Oh well.

Is it just me? Or is the guy playing Link in the bonus video also do the voice of Disney's Aladdin? Or do their voices just sound freakishly alike?


It was a good quiz but i think there's a little mistake, the bombchus do appear on the ocarina of time, besides that, it was a cool quiz


I never imagined link to be like the cartoon version. Good quiz, I missed two questions, because I never played windwaker (i had major issues with it) I wish you gave a last final video though... I want the new link game that's supposed to come out soon... sweet... oh yea, i gave you 4 kudos cuz link rocks.


wooooo overall was a good little quiz game...questions were nice and 'varied,' but the reason this gets a 10 is b/c of the little bonus at the end. HOW FUCKIN COOL IS THAT?! i remember watchin that b4 school when i was but a wee lad... bam!!1

Same ol' quizzes.

I already beaten Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Got a few loses but I still won it. Good job.