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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"

old school

I haft expected zelda porn, but at the end, old school Zelda toon, i miss that show


I love Zelda, but some of those Extreme questions caught me. Great idea, and awesome quiz :).

one thing

I can only ask Did you notice how much link in the bonus cartoon looked and sounded like stormy from sealab 2021?

Nice find.

Beautiful work getting the opening scene to the old Zelda tv show, not many fans actually know about it. Makes me wonder if i've still got a few of the episodes on my computer. Too those who don't know it was a short cartoon that played during the Super Mario Hour. The quiz itself was a mix of easy questions and attention to minisucle details proving to be more annoying than fun.


Eh, not too shabby. Better than a lot of quizzes I've seen through the portal, but I'm still not much of a quiz fan. I like the variety in the questions even though I made it through the first two rounds really easily. I guess my nerdyness paid off--the reward was neat.

Keep up the good work.