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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"

It was ok.

But I dotn rember the sun song being able to cut grass and call Epona. The sung song only makes moneing come faster. Besides that Not great but aw what ever.

CrawlAway responds:

it says it does three things, not all three of these things

Very well done

Hey i remeber watching that Zelda show on t.v, man it was cool. I remember it was usually with the Super Mario Super Show, lol good times. Excelent game. I've never beat Wind Waker but only played it for about an hour so those questions were tough, but there others went to bad. Hurry and make the next one!

way to go

finnaly, sum1 else who loves the wind waker. it was an awsome game, i dont know y people dont like it. O, and great quiz, extreme was hard, i didnt know the month question, april, now i now.

Nice job.

Was it just me, or did Link in the bonus video look a lot like Stormy from Sealab 2021?

CrawlAway responds:

no, some other guy just said that


the video on the end zelda look retarded!! he he