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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"


This was a very good quiz! I got all of them right without guess, but I've been playing VG throught my intire life, so I've lived off of them. Very good job, man. 0-5, I'd give it a 5.

Pretty Cool

I actually got most of the questions right the first time, just goes to show how much of a Zelda nerd I am. But what was that movie at the end? It looked like anime-meets-Scooby Doo style animation.

maybe it was good

i don't see how the hell this could have gotten an awesome score in the portal unless you made the cartoon at the end yourself. But judging from other reviews you didn't.


I thin kthe best part was the bonus movie at the end of the quiz. It helped me remember many of those episodes of that cartoon. It was awesome, thansk for bringing back fond memories.


The link looks so stupid in the movie clip