Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"

very Nice

loved the clip at the end and the ?s were accually preaty tough! good job putting it together!

great except oine thing.

Awesome, but one problem. Bombchus DID appear in Ocarina of Time, both as a weapon and as a enemy. Otherwise, good flash. 5

it's ok, but not great

the sound overlaps when you hit the music button.
Also some of the images are blurred very badly. Take care of these small fixes and you could have a decently entertaining game.

CrawlAway responds:

the s button stops the music!!!


it was ok it was a little two short and when ever you ogt somethin wrong you got to start on that same question except for in hard and extreme. you should make it so you got 3 tries then start over and make more question and like a different link song for each question and like on the front page where all the zelda games are you should make them clickable where you give the story about the game and facts and thats all i got to say.

not 2 shabby

Good work!