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Reviews for "Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz"

One question is wrong

On extreme The last question is 385 not 3385 he dosn't charge you over 385.

The mess with this.

It's Zelda,sure,but it can't just be Zelda man...You have to expand your line of quizzes! Come on! Do an all your base quiz!

Test your knowledge of the Zelda Series.

Not too bad. I like game quizzes but this was a bit lame, mainly because of the ability to repeatedly try again. As far as I could see you couldn't lose because of this. And is a quiz in which you can't lose really a quiz at all? Anyway...

Graphics: 2 - nothing special.
Style: 4 - nothing special but easy to use.
Sound: 2 - rather lame and annoying after a minute or two.
Violence: 0 - does clicking my mouse count? Erm...no.
Interactivity: 0 - does clicking my mouse count now? Erm...yes.
Humor: 0 - a humorous quiz!? Don't make me laugh. And so it didn't!
Overall: 5 - lame but content was good and some trixxy (tricky) questions, plus I like quizzes, especially game quizzes, and especially on games that I like such as Zelda (a few of them) so that boosts its score from <something less than 5> to 5.

Enough said.


You Rock!

I beat it all.. but the Extreme.. I got much incorect..

But good job, mate! :D